Holiday on Bali with Kids!

Bali with Kids

Bali with Kids

Parents who travel on holiday with their children know that making a holiday work for them too is essential for a successful vacation. The authors of a new guidebook “Bali with Kids: Families Guidebook for Babies to Teenagers” like to say: “Happy kids make Happy Parents.”

The book was written for parents of children from infant to teenagers. There are helpful chapters on child friendly hotels, child friendly restaurants, possible encounters with Bali animals, shopping, entertaining children, and how to organise a birthday for children on Bali. There’s even a special list of children’s books on Bali that may help relieve any boredom during quieter moments of a busy Bali holiday.

The book has lots of useful ideas and contacts for planning a perfect Bali holiday when children are around. Contributors include experienced educators, travellers and parents. Helpful cultural tips will help remove unnecessary barriers, and useful ideas and opportunities are there to share the magic of Bali with children.

There is also practical advice and information on medical issues related to children, and contacts with non-governmental organizations working to improve the lot of Bali’s children.

The book can be bought at various outlets on Bali for about Rp. 150,000 (US$16.70) and is also available via down-loadable e-books at Bali With Kids

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