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Me & 180,000 Penguins

Me and 180,000 penguins!

My name is John Brinkley. I was born at Dalby in Queensland, Australia’s, Darling Downs farming country in 1953.
I had never thought that my life was particularly interesting until I was at a high school reunion for those that were turning 50 years old that year. Part of the invitation included an offer to submit a short history of our lives since school.
This was subsequently printed in a magazine of which we all received a copy. At the reunion, some of the people who had helped in its organising, and been involved in the publishing of the magazine and therefore privy to the contents, came up to me and said what an interesting life I had had. Later, upon reading about the lives of some of my former fellow students, I realised how bored I might have been if I had not been me.


Eileen and I have been married since 1974. Most of my holidays have been shared with her. She didn’t come to Antarctica though. She had seen frozen chickens in a refrigerator and that was enough for her. She did eventually get to see snow at Coronet Peaks, Queenstown, New Zealand in 2009.

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