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Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie | I am Not Charlie

Je Ne Sui Pas Charlie | I Am Not Charlie

Freedom of Speech? Let’s just have Freedom of Truth!

Freedom of speech is well and good, but when you rudely insult the god of a bunch of crazies who have access to weapons, that’s just arrogant and stupid.

The bad guys couldn’t have scripted the Paris attack any better on the previously largely unknown Charlie Hebdo. They murdered a dozen people who had insulted their god. (What would most Aussie blokes do if someone insulted them?) (Who pokes momma bear with a stick?) The perpetrators were then killed and achieved martyrdom. Then they achieved massive massive publicity by the world wide media whose only god is circulation and listening/viewing audience. [Read more…]

Vale Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes

David Warner must be feeling the loss of Phillip Hughes more than most.

I was often taken with the affection and mateship between Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer. Opening batsmen have a degree of camaraderie different to all other players in a team. Yes the bowlers work as a team to find weaknesses in a batsman, and batters work as a team by forming partnerships. But most batsmen only come in as replacements for someone who is out.

Opening batsmen go into battle together to take the brunt of an aggressive and fresh bowling lineup. These two men form a special bond, and now David Warner has lost his mate.

Good luck David, and I hope you find another special mate.

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World Overpopulation

Just a thought – While Tony Abbott blithely ignores some fairly compelling science about climate change, and how humans may have something to do with it, everyone seems to be ignoring the elephant in the room. There are four billion too many humans on the planet! But not many appear ready to leave yet.

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Work until 70 Solution

Just a Thought – Instead of sacking thousands of public servants, why not give their jobs to the over 60s who will have to work until they are 70. Must be easier than staying as a bricklayer.

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The nameless redundancies

There is a name for those people who are retrenched or made redundant.

They are called customers with no disposable income.

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What is a People Smuggler?

Asylum Seeker Boat

Asylum Seeker Boat

In my humble opinion, ‘people smugglers’ are simply people charging money to transport people from one place to another. Who made it illegal to do that?

No matter how refugees get to a country, or apply to be accepted into a country, it will cost them money.

While Australian politicians are trying to score political points using the lives of asylum seekers, have any of them given a thought to why these people come here on these unsafe boats, and whether their political games should have them accused of manslaughter?

It is highly unlikely that in the most war torn parts of the world from where people are most desperate to escape there will be an available embassy or consulate for their use. Therefore these people will attempt any means, no matter how risky, to escape and find sanctuary in a safer place. We in Australia all know how many people have lost their lives on the boats. Yet this is considered by the refugees to be safer than staying where they were.

Why shouldn’t these people be afforded the right to have their asylum application considered no matter how or where they get to a processing place?
Why should the people who help them escape from the potential fate of death be called smugglers, and their occupation be deemed illegal?

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Political Opposition

I can’t believe how stupid the Queensland Labor Party is. After getting a well deserved thrashing in the 2012 election, the only comment I’ve heard from the new leader, Ms Unpronounceable, is bleating about the LNP jobs for the boys as they try to clean up the Labor mess.

If Labor ever want my vote again they better come up with constructive comments instead of opposing just for the sake of opposing.

And Tony Rabbit in Canberra better take note too.

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Revenue raising with Speed Traps is a Good Thing!

Obey the Speed Limit and watch the world go by!

Everyone seems to try to go that little bit over the speed limit but me. I sit at the speed limit, not below it, and am overtaken by many more vehicles of all sizes than I overtake.

I think they should increase the number of speed traps, keep them hidden, and increase the penalties. [Read more…]

Where have all the doctors gone?

There is an issue about a lack of doctors.

I recall about a decade ago, ambulance chasing lawyers were suing them left, right, and centre. If that wasn’t actually true, it is certainly the impression everyone got from the media. What smart young kids seeing that would have taken up medicine at Uni? [Read more…]