Oz Opinion

In August 2011 the Australian Federal Government conducted another census. However there were many questions I feel should have been asked, but weren’t.

I have never been polled, and I don’t know anyone who has. And it appears that those polled are not asked their opinion, just a yes or no answer. So here is some space for politicians and members of the public to answer my questions.

Should Extremists be Deported?

There have been emails circulating for some years that are attributed to several of Australia’s Prime Ministers, primarily John Howard, with additional comments by his then deputy, Peter Costello. These emails are strongly worded public statements that suggest that all extremists, especially Islamic extremists, be deported.

To clear up a point, the original was drafted by an American for use in America. It has since been amended by several people with their own agenda, and attributed to various statesmen and women. [Read more…]

Should Telephone & Internet Plans be Banned?

Everyone is confused with telephone and internet plans. That’s not even an issue. The reason the providers do it is so that the customer must compare apples with oranges. If all that the providers could do was charge so much per call or time period, it would be blatantly obvious who was the cheaper. They can’t have that. [Read more…]

Population Cap or Population Growth?

Sometime in 2011 the 7 billionth person will be born on Earth. Australia has about 22 million inhabitants. When is enough enough?

It appears that the only things stopping us expanding the population until everyone on Earth is shoulder to shoulder is lack of food and water, a good war, a good pandemic, and climate change. Of course we will also run out of raw materials to make the economies tick over. Eventually, after all of the above has occurred, everyone left will survive by subsistence farming. Back to the beginning! [Read more…]

Do we need State Governments?

When it took a week by sea or stage coach to get a message between Brisbane and Sydney, state governments were useful.

Since the telephone and aeroplane were invented, and we now have the internet, can Australia afford three levels of government, replicating and conflicting with each other? It seems a very inefficient system to me. [Read more…]

Should names be suppressed?

Queenslanders are hearing more and more about the abduction and likely murder of Daniel Morcombe, including the name of the suspect in custody.

What if he didn’t do it? There must be a very strong case against him, but, what if he didn’t. [Read more…]

Should unimproved land be sold for a profit?

Why should people profit from doing nothing? Why should it be so expensive for Australians to buy a home?

If homes were cheaper, owners could use retained disposable income to invest in the general economy, where their money would create or maintain jobs and a real economy. [Read more…]

Should Australia re-introduce the death penalty?

Are there worse crimes than murder?

I believe crimes such as robbery with violence, rape, or any crime where violence is used, should have a punishment at least as severe as for murder. But should it be the death penalty? [Read more…]

Where should Australia process Asylum Seekers?

The Liberal/National government processed asylum seekers in Narau. The Labor government wants to process them in Malaysia. [Read more…]

Should Terms & Conditions be limited?

I have just signed up for website hosting for our business.

To do so I HAD to tick a box saying I had read and understood the terms and conditions. However I did not read all 14,548 words (I pasted it in a word doc and used ‘Word Count’), and, because I am not a lawyer or IT specialist, of the ones I did, I am not sure I understood everything. I am sure 99% of people would be in the same boat. [Read more…]