South East Queensland

These articles are about places and events in the area in which I live and love and am very familiar with.

Buderim Ginger Factory – Things to do in SE Qld!

The Ginger factory

Buderim Ginger Factory

The Buderim Ginger Factory is no longer at Buderim. In fact it hasn’t been there for a couple of decades. But why change the name of something so famous just because they moved to a more suitable locale? It’s now at Yandina, less than an hour up the Bruce Highway.

In the 1980’s we owned a shop in the markets where the old factory used to be. We sold Buderim Ginger amongst other things. The markets are gone now too, and been replaced by a modern shopping centre.

With much more space at Yandina, The Ginger Factory has an authentic taste of Queensland. It incorporates leisurely shopping and special treats, entertaining tours, rides, shows and fabulous food. [Read more…]

Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant – Things to do on Gold Coast!

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant

Down on the Gold Coast, opposite that monument to human naivety and vulnerability, Jupiter’s Casino, is one of the greatest cabaret restaurants in the land. We’ve been there a couple of times and both times we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The entertainment starts before you enter the grounds. The castle is the first thing to impress. Then the performers in full costume as you enter have you wondering if this was a good idea or not. There are some nasty teeth and syringes and stuff. [Read more…]

Storey Bridge Climb – Things to do in Brisbane!

Story Bridge Climb

Story Bridge Climb

When I was a little kid I was terrified of the Story Bridge. Coming from a farm with no rivers to cross to visit my grandparents meant crossing the Brisbane River. Every Christmas this happened. My first memories were of the water so far below and these huge girders above and around. I hid on the floor in the back seat. Now people pay to climb it.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb (SBAC) is run from Kangaroo Point at the southern end of the bridge. The bridge walk is one of only three in the world.

To learn more and make a booking please [Read more…]

Montville Market Town – Things to do in SE Qld!


Montville is the biggest and most interesting market village in South East Queensland, and maybe Australia. I certainly haven’t seen better.

If you want to experience really relaxing shopping for arts and crafts, this is the place. For a romantic morning, afternoon, day, or couple of days, try the magic and old world charm of Montville. It’s only one hour north of Brisbane, and a place of peace, calm, and coolness compared to the Sunshine Coast 430 metres below. [Read more…]

Brisbane Markets – Things To Do in Brisbane!

Bustling crowds, noisy spruikers, exciting smells, and stuff for blokes. That’s what I like in a market. Sadly, I rarely find much – stuff for blokes that is.

Eileen and I visited three different markets on one weekend in Brisbane recently. I Googled on Saturday morning to find out which markets were on which days. It’s a bit confusing as some are on every Saturday and Sunday, some just every Saturday and some every Sunday, and some on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Saturday or Sunday of a month, and some a combination of all that. [Read more…]

Visit Tangalooma Resort – Things To Do in SE Qld

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

When the Brisbane River flooded in January 2011 tonnes of debris ranging from large sections of riverside walkways, to vehicles, shipping containers, boats, sewage, and other household and industrial garbage flowed into Moreton Bay.

Thankfully a lot of it turned left and was recoverable from the mainland beaches. What didn’t sank in Moreton Bay, or floated out to sea. Some of that was recovered, or not. A minesweeper and barges with excavators cleared the main shipping channel and some other areas. But all is now well again. [Read more…]

Sailing at Moreton Bay Boat Club – Things to do in Brisbane

Scarborough Boat Harbour

Scarborough Boat Harbour

We have been members of Moreton Bay Boat Club at Scarborough on Brisbane’s Redcliffe Peninsula since 2000, when we bought a Lexcen 40 sloop in Sydney and sailed her up to her new home.

Obviously we are interested in sailing, but because we use our boat for cruising, we don’t get much involved in the regular fun sails and race regattas at MBBC. Our main purpose of membership is that we own a berth in the excellent marina. It is just so convenient for us to get to any of over a dozen anchorages between Bribie Island and The Gold Coast, and an excellent point of departure to cruise the Queensland Coast north. [Read more…]

Lunch on Mt Glorious – Things to do in Brisbane

The ride to Mt Glorious

The ride to Mt Glorious

Mount Glorious is a great spot to head for lunch, or spend a weekend or longer. The cool rainforest at nearly 700 metres above sea level is invigorating in winter, and simply glorious in summer.

There are several roads to the tiny village on the mountain. One is from the Wivenhoe – Somerset Road along Northbrook Parkway. Another is from Mount Nebo along Mount Nebo Road on Route 31 from Brisbane’s CBD.

Our usual route coming from where we live on the northside of Brisbane is along Mount Glorious Road from Samford. Regardless of which direction you approach from, you will need to pay attention on the windy road, especially if you are on a motorcycle which we usually are. [Read more…]

Railway Workshops – Things to see and do in Brisbane

Railway Workshops

Railway Workshops

‘The Workshops’, as it is often known, is a place that is steeped in history. The first train to run in Queensland steamed from here to Bigges Camp, now Grandchester, over 145 years ago.

For many decades this site was the centre of rail technology, construction, and maintenance for Queensland’s booming rail industry. Over the course of time more than 200 steam locomotives were built here.

Thousands of workers have been employed at The Workshops over many years. During its peak operations in WWII, over 3,000 people worked on the site, making it the state’s largest employer at that time. [Read more…]

Dive HMAS Brisbane – Things to do on The Sunshine Coast

HMAS Brisbane

HMAS Brisbane

During this scuba diving adventure for certified divers you will explore the site of the deliberately sunken HMAS Brisbane, located just off Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. While diving you will not only get to explore the impressive ruins of the HMAS Brisbane inside and out, you will also see a wonderful range of marine life.

On the day of your experience you will be met at the dive shop and be given some paperwork to fill in. You will also be fitted for your scuba equipment. Make sure you bring your dive certificate card! There is then a short minibus ride to the dive boat. [Read more…]